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Emancipate the Dissonance by Arnold Schoenberg written by Camillus John available now to read on Headstuff!

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Sam Beckett

Bring the Noise

Emancipate The Dissonance

From Wikipedia:

“Composers such as Charles IvesDane RudhyarDuke Ellington, and Lou Harrison connected the emancipation of the dissonance with the emancipation of society and humanity. Michael Broyles calls Ives tone-cluster-rich song “Majority” as “an incantation, a mystical statement of belief in the masses or the people” (Broyles 1996, 125). Duke Ellington, after playing some of his pieces for a journalist, said, “That’s the Negro’s life … Hear that chord! Dissonance is our way of life in America. We are something apart, yet an integral part” (Ellington 1963, 150). Lou Harrison described Carl Ruggles‘s counterpoint as “a community of singing lines, living a life of its own, . . . careful not to get ahead or behind in its rhythmic cooperation with the others” (Harrison 1946, 8). Rudhyar gave the subtitle “A New Principle of Musical and Social Organization” to his book Dissonant Harmony, writing, “Dissonant music is thus the music of true and spiritual Democracy; the music of universal brotherhoods; music of Free Souls, not of personalities. It abolishes tonalities, exactly as the real Buddhistic Reformation abolished castes into the Brotherhood of Monks; for Buddhism is nothing but spiritual Democracy” (Rudhyar 1928, 10–11).”

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Rare Sounds at the Irish Writers’ Centre!

I’m performing at this cool event next month. Rare Sounds.

Part of the Five Lamps Arts Festival. A collaboration between the Irish Writers Centre, Inkslingers Writers’ Group and the African Cultural Project. Prose and poetry translated into the isiXhosa language, which is an African click language.

If you thought my stuff was weird as it is, wait till you hear it in click! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Throwing a Sausage Back and Forth for Five Minutes without Letting it Drop

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I have a fiction published in the new issue of Blood Tree Literature, an online Lit Mag based in Santa Fee, New Mexico, USA, entitled, Throwing a Sausage Back and Forth for Five Minutes without Letting it Drop in their experimental / Hybrid Section. Written a while ago now, during my extended ‘coddle’ period. 😊

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Inspired by a work by conceptual artist, John Baldessari, from 1972/73, entitled, Trying to Photograph a Ball So that it is in the Centre of the Picture.

“As a result of the goal, laid down in advance, of getting the ball as near to the centre of the picture as possible, Baltessari relieved himself of any further compositional decision and achieved pictures that no longer have anything to do with the problem of ‘that looks good alongside that.’ Like his painting before, his treatment of photography is no longer determined by craft skills or formal innovation, but by the strategic abandonment or deliberate disregard of conventional rules.”

i.e. an extremely pretentious way of justifying a very silly title.  This fiction goes well with Getting it away with it by Electronic. “Enjoy.” 😊 😊 😊


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