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The Steam of My Piss (poembook) now available on Amazon!

TSOMP cover.jpg

My second poembook is now available on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle – click click click!


TSOMP is ordering fishboxes from the chipper with your Ma on a Friday.

TSOMP is two busstop Madonnas waiting for the Number 40 outside St. James’ hospital.

TSOMP is Elvis being alive and well in a back garden five doors up the road when the ice cream van comes.

TSOMP is licking the piss and eating the shit from your streets.

TSOMP is William Shatner singing Common People by Pulp and the miners’ strike.

TSOMP is John Lennon and the Marcel Duchamp up his nose.

TSOMP is Denis O’Brien’s magic flute in Vienna.

TSOMP is sniffing your chicken Kiev fingers after dinner.

TSOMP is David Bowie’s death and sticking two gangrene thumbs up your nostrils when you’re dead.

TSOMP is a communist co-op on Decies Road in the 1950s shut down by the church’s gold finger of fury.

TSOMP is the hanging testicles of Ballyfermot brought to you by a tight green pair of vintage running shorts.

TSOMP is chicken sausages on the Saturday Allstars’ shelf of bargains in Tesco’s.

TSOMP is finding the best kisser in Ballyer walking the wards of James’ hospital.

But mostly TSOMP is The Steam Of My Piss and is Camillus John’s second poembook kebab-full of modern life’s ups, downs and roundabouts with an all-singing-all-dancing cherry on top that looks a lot like Christmas.

From Ballyer Press.

Rik V

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How To Be A Bicycle (Novel) now available on Amazon!

How to be a Bicycle cover

My novel is now available in Paperback or Kindle – Click click click!


Doctor Scream, American billionaire, is in Ireland to set up a Donut Factory. He’s got permission from the Irish government to put his workers on drugs for a year. The drug Scream has developed, The Donut Hole, enables people to work longer, stronger and faster. It also sharpens their intelligence like a pencil parer. Or so he claims. After a year, the government has committed to holding a referendum that if passed would put the entire Irish workforce on the hole forever and thus create a drugged-up super race of workers that’s finally able to compete with the Germans and the Chinese. There’s only one problem. The drug has a side effect.


Wendy Cheese, Manager of the Donut Factory, has hired Scoopy, Wallace, Darren and Fred as General Operatives and guinea-pig Donut Hole swallowers.Wendy likes Scoopy. Scoopy likes Wendy. Scoopy also likes Sharon. But Scoopy might be a bike. He’s not sure. Wallace likes Darren. Darren likes Wallace. Both are bikes. Fred loves his wife Cathleen. Cathleen loves Fred. But Fred is now definitely a bike. He doesn’t want to sex with Cathleen anymore but Cathleen still wants to sex with Fred. It’s getting complicated. On the horizon there’s 12,000 homeless people from the camps in the Phoenix Park marching towards the Donut Factory for their just deserts.

How To Be A Bicycle, a novel about gender by Camillus John.

From Ballyer Press.

Rik V


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My Poem Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? To Be Published in Boyne Berries 24


BB 24

I’ve stopped submitting to places for a long time now but last year I wrote a poem to “welcome” Donald Trump to Ireland entitled, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?, and the great, great guys at Boyne Berries are publishing it in Boyne Berries 24 this coming October. It’s probably the best poem ever published in any publication anywhere in this country. Ever. Past. Present or future. Ever. Such great guys though. Really. Truly. Great, great guys they are down in Trim. Great cover too. Click the below link for more great details of this great, great event.

Launch Details



Rik V

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Throwing a Sausage Back and Forth for Five Minutes without Letting it Drop

Image result for john baldessari trying to photograph a ball so that it's

I have a fiction published in the new issue of Blood Tree Literature, an online Lit Mag based in Santa Fee, New Mexico, USA, entitled, Throwing a Sausage Back and Forth for Five Minutes without Letting it Drop in their experimental / Hybrid Section. Written a while ago now, during my extended ‘coddle’ period. 😊

Click here for the story!

Inspired by a work by conceptual artist, John Baldessari, from 1972/73, entitled, Trying to Photograph a Ball So that it is in the Centre of the Picture.

“As a result of the goal, laid down in advance, of getting the ball as near to the centre of the picture as possible, Baltessari relieved himself of any further compositional decision and achieved pictures that no longer have anything to do with the problem of ‘that looks good alongside that.’ Like his painting before, his treatment of photography is no longer determined by craft skills or formal innovation, but by the strategic abandonment or deliberate disregard of conventional rules.”

i.e. an extremely pretentious way of justifying a very silly title.  This fiction goes well with Getting it away with it by Electronic. “Enjoy.” 😊 😊 😊


Rik V

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