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‘I kissed a horse and I liked it – More McDonald’s Music on


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The Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla Miklshake


right here!

Right now!

 Finish your happy meal in style.

Harrington 1

Go on, horse into it –


happy cat


Two gherkined-up hamburgers, with their salads half-peeping out of their buns, and melted cheese dribbling down their meat on!


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mayo-on-french-fries-646 (1)

The French Fry.

McDonald’s Music |2| The French Fry

Not as tasty as the artisan, Hamburger, last week, I grant you, but worth it in order to progress to the highly recommended dessert next week in the form of part three:

The Vanilla Milkshake.

This  will blow your brains out and smear them over your four living rooms walls

like Ketchup.

ketchup getty

And that’s a promise.


Rik 2