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The King is Dead. Long Live the Democrat (and his Pimples of Pus).

Pedro Polar

Just read Stonemouth by Iain Banks and it’s sad he’s gone.  There will be no more.

From Stonemouth –

“Conservatives – right-wing people in general – tend to think everybody’s as nasty – well, selfish – deep down, as they are. Only they’re wrong.  And liberals, socialists and so on think everybody else is as nice, basically, as they themselves are. They’re wrong too. The truth is messier.”

And from one on his last interviews in the Guardian –

“Squeeze practically any Tory, any Blairite and any Lib Dem of the Orange Book persuasion, and it’s the same poisonous Thatcherite pus that comes oozing out of all of them.”

RIP Iain Banks, may your razor-edged pimples of pus keep raining down from heaven on all your ugly foes below whilst we bask in The Culture. Your Culture. Our Culture. The king is dead. Long live the democrat.

His Sci-Fi was best.  N’est-ce pas?

Anyway, check out that last interview here –


Pedro Polar