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The Lamp posts of Thomas Street and Guy Debord

I saw this picture on a pole on Thomas Street yesterday.

Derry 0 Pats 2

Now that’s what I call quite good.

The wait is over

But can anyone name the classic album from the 1980s that the very cultured Shed End Invincibles (SEI) have subverted here? Or as Guy Debord would say, detourned.


Scroll down for the answer.




.HeatonDerry 0 Pats 2

Would look great on a T-shirt I think.

And on another Thomas Street lamp post is  –

Saints 1929


Pats:  FAI Cup Winners 2014.

Pats win cup

A bagpipe-powered Superhero Mary Manning Street anyone?

After the recent Dunnes Stores strike,

dunnes 2

should Henry Street be renamed Mary Manning Street in homage

to the 1980s Dunnes Stores superhero who

went on strike for two years against Apartheid?


Henry Street is currently named after a bygone developer.


Whereas Mary Manning was a superhero with special powers.


It’s a no-brainer if you ask me.


But then again nobody asks me anything.