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Janey Macken Street Goes to Mars! Type 2 Amber Brains Now Available to read on!

Ground control to Major Tom!

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A flash fiction of mine entitled, Type 2 Amber Brains, has been chosen as one of the runner-ups / honourable mentions in the Headstuff Mars Short Story Competition!!!

Read it at the below link.

As this has a Mars theme, and from one spaceman to another, there is only one person in the entire universe I can dedicate it to – the late, great David Bowie.

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“We can beat them forever and ever
Oh, we can be heroes, just for one day.”

So farewell then sweet spaceman
waiting in the sky.

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David Bowie is Brown Bread and I’m a blueberry Muffin

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The Woman Who Shagged Christmas now available to read on The Lonely Crowd!

Read the second installment of my Christmas double bill at the tinselled link below.

‘The Woman Who Shagged Christmas’ by Camillus John

This story is based on the Greek legend of Cassandra and Apollo – read it on Wikipedia- so don’t blame me! 🙂

Dedicated to the heros of ’16 – the Apollo House Activists.

We’re living through some truly beautiful times indeed.

🙂 🙂 🙂

 Rik V
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The Woman Who Ate a Whole Princess – Now available to Read on Fictive Dream!

What’s the difference between eating a Princess and eating a McDonald’s Happy meal?


Find out in my Christmas story available now on Fictive Dream!

The Woman Who Ate A Whole Princess

Goes well with this track from The Fall –

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Season’s Greetings from Fictive Dream

My story The Woman Who Ate a Whole Princess (see below) will be out and belching on 18th December – next Sunday!!!


We end the year on 18th December with The Woman Who Ate A Whole Princess, a tour de force by Camillus John and re-open with new stories on 8th January 2017.

In the meantime Fictive Dream remains open to submissions so please send us your best short stories and flash fiction (500-2,500 words).

Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Laura Black
Fictive Dream

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Irish Writers in Support of Jobstown Not Guilty

Powerful editorial here – Kersplatt!!!

The Bogman’s Cannon

Many mainstream writers in Ireland are extremely eager to share their oppositional thoughts on social justice issues in distant countries, & in times long gone, but a not-so-curious silence descends when the injustice is here at home in our own day – particularly if the injustice is happening to working class people.

Despite our celebration of ourselves as a nation of rebels, our mainstream writers are perhaps the world’s most acquiescent, the most tolerant of the stratagems of power. As a result, Irish literature, at least in the 20th Century, is easily as interesting & revealing for what it does not include as for what it does. The general silence is obviously worth something to both parties involved – the irish ruling class & our cosmo-literati. These latter concern themselves far more with adjusting to conditions in ‘the literary market’ in New York or London, than with engaging with public issues of the day…

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