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The Pervert’s Guide to Modern Fiction and The Stinging Fly


A fiction of mine, entitled, The Pervert’s Guide to Modern Fiction, will be in the summer edition of The Stinging Fly!

More info available here –

Have you ever wondered about modern fiction?

And, like me, have you ever suspected that there’s something not quite right with it , that you just can’t put your finger on?

The journalist Mrs Pimple has done  the research.

So Neo –  are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill?


Take the red pill and read Mrs Pimple’s Pervert’s Guide to Modern Fiction in this summer’s The Stinging Fly. Out now.

The question is –

eyes popping


Can you handle the truth?




The People’s Poet is dead – watch out Maggie!


“Why are the kids crying? Rick is dead. The people’s poet is dead! But how can he be dead if we still have his poems.”

From The Young Ones.


Sad news, the death of Rik Mayall.

Hopefully, he’s in the underworld right now with his giant frying-pan gripped firmly in his hands, giving Thatcher exactly what she has coming.  And you can take that (picture Rik’s shaking head) both ways young man. It’s what he would have wanted.

 Obviously, when he arrived in heaven earlier that day and saw God in his white robes proferring flutes of Champagne and a silver-platter of choice nibbles, he kicked him promptly in the knackers, turned directly to camera and said – “What a puff!”  Then, using Neil’s underwear, parachuted to the underworld for the above mentioned bit of outstanding ‘business’, whichever way you’ve taken it young man.

 So farewell then, Rick with a silent P – Goodbyeeeeeee


P.S. I’ve probably offended everyone with that; it’s what he would have wanted.