Howie B

Above: Howie B – The Flying Superhero Clotheshorse Himself (2014)

Janey Macken Street is the creative writing outlet of Camillus John. Bored and braised in Dublin, he has been writing fiction since seeing his first giant electronic frog with pink lips at the age of six, shortly after Lenny, the dog that can lick your mind out, licked his mind out.

His fictionbook Groin Frosties With Jazzy Hand – The Pervert’s Guide To Modern Fiction and his poembook Why The Privileged Need to Read Literature are now available to buy on Amazon. He also put together a collection of Ballyer fiction called The Flying Superhero Clothes Horse 2018.  This is also still available to buy on Amazon.


Janey Macken Street is in deep recession yet its cultural exuberance continues to sail through the air willy-nilly like a flicked elastic-band into the groin of austerity.

If you’d like to find out about any of the above, then please read on MacDuff. But only if you want to, that is. No pressure.  As the bishop said to the altar boy.


Above: Groin Frosties with Jazzy Hand (1991)


Above: Alan – The Giant Electronic Frog With Pink Lips (2012)


Above: Ollie Omelette Gets a Fright (2016)

Anyway, thanks for reading thus far.


Above: Ziggy Played Guitar (1991)

To read some of my work check out the following selection box of links – with extra tinsel!

Image result for tinsel

Death Star Crack Stick  Blues – on Here Comes Everyone

The Rise and Fall of Cinderella’s Left Testicle

Emancipate The Dissonance by Arnold Schoenberg on Headstuff.org

Throwing a Sausage Back and Forth for Five Minutes Without Letting it Drop on Bloodtreee Literature

Kicking My Mother in the Head on Cold Coffee Stand

Arseways by Camillus John on The Scum Gentry

The Cakeland Republic – in North West Words

The Wardrobe and the Pillow – on Here Comes Everything (Coventry)

The First Chocolate Rose of Summer – on The Cabinet of Heed

With Suspicious Blinds – on Dodging The Rain

Enjoy The Silence – in The Weird Reader

The Elastic Wedding Band – on Cold Coffee Stand

Interview with Phil Harrison – author of The First Day and Staunch Pats Fan – on Litro.

How to be a Bicycle in The Honest Ulsterman.

Stoking Felix – Essay on Cultural Appropriation on The Lonely  Crowd.

Sex, Scripture and Lashings of Twee Pop – a book review

Living Under a Helicopter

Kicking My Mother in the Head

Who’s Afraid of Coddle?

The Future of Auntie Wah-Tah

Quicker to read version available here

Watching a DVD with an Estate Agent

The Art of the Neck-Chop

Tell Us About a Place Of Inspiration

Type 2 Amber Brains

The Woman Who Shagged Christmas

The Woman Who Ate A Whole Princess

The Pervert’s Guide to The Word in Flames by Dave Lordan – A book review – with extra cursing!

The Writer’s Cut is now available here 

The Curious Case of the Corpo Employee Who Worked himself to death – Herbert Simms – Social Activist Architect.

Janey Macken Street and Basher Piggs join the Flying Superhero Pipe Band in The Solicitor of Doom.

The Unbearable Lightness of the Ironic Man – most provocative article ever written – careful now!!

The Elastic Wedding Band.

The Queen’s Head – Author Interview

 London is the Jesus and Mary Chain

On Writing The Assassination of Enda Kenny (after Hilary Mantel)

Eric Sings Songs

McDonald’s Music (Parts 1 -3)

 The Hamburger (Part 1)

The French Fry (Part 2)

The Vanilla Milkshake (Part 3)

The Third Gender

The Pervert’s Guide to Modern Fiction in The Stinging Fly.


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