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Paco’s Poem on Tuesday – I’m Not Bat Chain Pulling Your Leg

Paco’s Poem on Tuesday.


Tittle: I’m Not Bat Chain Pulling Your Leg

Bray Wanderers 1 Saint Patrick’s Athletic 3.

I wasn’t in Bray on the night.

I was at a literary evening in Trim, County Meath –

Boyne Berries everywhere reading poetry and



My best friend Connie-Wonnie

from school updated me with texts throughout the

evening.  I sneaked a look every time a goal was scored.

Screamed silently.


I’m giving up cake until

the end of the season. I’ll make that

sacrifice for Pats, my team.


The Pats fans had a banner up at the match

Connie Wonnie told me – Fast and Bulbous

– and also a tin teardrop.

That’s what supporting Pats is like.

From Captain Beefheart’s  Trout Mask Replica album.

Pat fans have the best mind-licking taste in music

in the world – by a mile and three quarters.

And I swear I’m not bat chain pulling your leg on this

one ladies and gentlemen.

I swear. Even though I’m not allowed.


We’re still on top.

Four games to go go go go go gooooooooooo!


(Written by Paco aged seven and three quarters on 26th September 2013 in Trim, County Meath, eating smarties and listening to my uncle Eric reading a strange story in public).