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Paco’s Poem on Tuesday – Even Better than Ice Cream.


Title: Even Better than Ice Cream.

Saint Patrick’s Athletic 2 Sligo Rovers 0.

We won the league.

At long last.


This feels so good.

Even better than eating ice cream in

the Phoenix Park in summer.

I thought my head exploded

when we scored the second goal.

But it didn’t.

My throat is hoarse.

My bones are dog-tired.

I’ll be swimming in the trophy

this Friday at the Derry match.

Then I must rest.


(Written by Paco aged seven and three quarters on 13th October 2013  from the centre circle of Richmond Park after the match  while eating ice cream. I couldn’t resist! What do you think I am – a monk?).


Paco’s Poem on Tuesday – Blue Monday.


Title:  Blue Monday (on a Tuesday).

Sligo Rovers 0 Saint Patrick’s Athletic 0.

Still top of the league

but level on points now

with my dead great grandfather’s

favourite team, Dundalk.

A terrible result.

I feel like Joy Division

when Ian Curtis died.

But New Order rose from the ashes

of Joy Division and released Blue Monday

a stonker of the higheest order.

All Pats need to do now is to have

six stonkers before the end of the season

and hey presto!

Happy days  indeed.


(Written by Paco aged seven and a half in the silence and contemplation of writing feck feck feck into his copybook 10,000 times until the pain was all made better ).