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Gobstop the Presses – Ballyfermot Writers Group Goes International!


Ballyfermot Writers Group, which is based in Ballyfermot Library, and is only one year old, has won the opportunity to hold an official Stories in the City event called, Between the Bookcases, in the upcoming International Literature Festival Dublin 2017.




It takes place in Ballyfermot library on 24th May 2017.

Refreshments at 6. p.m. Show starts promptly at 6.30 p.m.

Comedian / Writer, Kevin Gildea, has been chosen by the festival to mentor Ballyfermot Writer’s Group and help them plan and organise the event.


The event is an evening of songs, stories and sketches and is a celebration of writing groups across the city.

Shelagh Delaney 

“I dreamt of you last night and I fell out of bed twice.’

Above: Shelagh Delaney in New York in 1961, with Brendan Behan, during a run of her Broadway play.

Performers on the night include –

  • Kevin Gildea, Comedian / Writer
  • Rap Artist Nugget
  • Members of Ballyfermot Writers Group
  • Singer/Songwriter Daveyinthevalley
  • Poet Kenneth Nolan
  • Local History Author Ken Larkin
  • Sci-Fi Author Harry Browne
  • Author Doctor Ciara Conway (who has a book forthcoming on Abbey Actresses of the 1930s)
  • And other special guests!
  • MC for the evening; Author / Playwright Declan Geraghty.


The official Poster and link are to follow when they are to hand.

Keep posted!


happy cat

Rik V





The Woman Who Ate a Whole Princess – Now available to Read on Fictive Dream!

What’s the difference between eating a Princess and eating a McDonald’s Happy meal?


Find out in my Christmas story available now on Fictive Dream!

The Woman Who Ate A Whole Princess

Goes well with this track from The Fall –

happy cat

Two gherkined-up hamburgers, with their salads half-peeping out of their buns, and melted cheese dribbling down their meat on Headstuff.org!


Read part 2 of my McDonald’s music happy meal

mayo-on-french-fries-646 (1)

The French Fry.

McDonald’s Music |2| The French Fry

Not as tasty as the artisan, Hamburger, last week, I grant you, but worth it in order to progress to the highly recommended dessert next week in the form of part three:

The Vanilla Milkshake.


This  will blow your brains out and smear them over your four living rooms walls

like Ketchup.

ketchup getty

And that’s a promise.


Rik 2