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Don’t you just hate it when your tossed pancake sticks to the ceiling?

Noonan eye




As the bishop said to the altar boy.

Rik Rik


Michael Noonan’s message for poor people 2015

In post-modern Ireland

If you don’t earn more than

€32,800 per annum

who me

then this is what Michael Noonan

thinks of you

michael noonan

Caption: Poor scum of Ireland,  emigrate now – or eat my two fingers!

“Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has defined the phenomenon of the “squeezed middle” or “coping classes” as those who earn between €32,800 and €70,000.”



(But isn’t he a bailed-out banker on full expenses?)

angry baby

 Calm down, mate, have a cup –

Mrs doyle

or there’s always –

RBs revolution

Right to Water protests 31st January 2015.

All round the country.

right to water

You know it makes sense.

Del boy

This time next year, we’ll be millionaires.

– But Del!  but Del! – but Del! – but Del! –

I already am!

laughing michael