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Coddle in Space now available to read on!!!

Pigs in Space

Remember the Pigs in Space section on The Muppet Show?



Miss Piggy

Well, prepare thyself for the Irish version,

Coddle in Space.

If you’ve ever wondered what coddle on Mars would taste like, then wonder no more my friends.


Read my flash fiction of the Sci-Fi now on Headstuff!!!

In their Shot of Science Fiction Series.

Click the following link –

Spock Space Sausage

(and don’t forget my Type 2 Amber Brains from earlier in the year as well!)


Are you gonna bark all day little doggie or are you gonna bite?

happy cat

Rik V

Lookin’ back on the track for a little green bag, Got to find just a kind or losin’ my mind..


My Pulp Fiction on bereavement and post-modern loneliness

is available now to read on Honest Ulsterman!!!

Mr.  Pink:  You Kill anybody?

Mr. White:  A few cops.

Mr. Pink:  No real people?

Mr. White:  Just cops.


“Lookin’ for some happiness

But there is only loneliness to find

Jump to the left, turn to the right

Lookin’ upstairs, lookin’ behind

Pa pa pa pa pa pa ….”



Are you gonna bark all day little doggie or are you gonna bite?

happy cat

Rik V

Up Ballyer! BWG on Thoughtful Dog – woof woof!

Ballyfermot Writers Group has been featured on American literature and lifestyle online magazine Thoughtful Dog!
slum landlords
They have a feature on the site called Tell Us About A Place of Inspiration. See attached link.

Up Ballyer!

happy cat
Rik V

The Art of the Neck-Chop Now Available to Read on!


I’ve broken America!

Into Smithereens.

I have a story published in American literature and lifestyle mag Thoughtful Dog!

Just like The Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show – to a much much smaller extent obviously. But still like. It’s exactly the same sort of thing!

Read it here –

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Janey Macken Street Goes to Mars! Type 2 Amber Brains Now Available to read on!

Ground control to Major Tom!

Image result for david bowie

A flash fiction of mine entitled, Type 2 Amber Brains, has been chosen as one of the runner-ups / honourable mentions in the Headstuff Mars Short Story Competition!!!

Read it at the below link.

As this has a Mars theme, and from one spaceman to another, there is only one person in the entire universe I can dedicate it to – the late, great David Bowie.

Related image

“We can beat them forever and ever
Oh, we can be heroes, just for one day.”

So farewell then sweet spaceman
waiting in the sky.

Image result for ziggy stardust

David Bowie is Brown Bread and I’m a blueberry Muffin

Image result for blueberry muffin

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The Woman Who Shagged Christmas now available to read on The Lonely Crowd!

Read the second installment of my Christmas double bill at the tinselled link below.

‘The Woman Who Shagged Christmas’ by Camillus John

This story is based on the Greek legend of Cassandra and Apollo – read it on Wikipedia- so don’t blame me! 🙂

Dedicated to the heros of ’16 – the Apollo House Activists.

We’re living through some truly beautiful times indeed.

🙂 🙂 🙂

 Rik V
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The Woman Who Ate a Whole Princess – Now available to Read on Fictive Dream!

What’s the difference between eating a Princess and eating a McDonald’s Happy meal?


Find out in my Christmas story available now on Fictive Dream!

The Woman Who Ate A Whole Princess

Goes well with this track from The Fall –

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