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Pete Burns’ Left Testicle and Other Alternatives – now available to read on!

I’m pleased to announce that my review of a new book

called Memory Songs by James Cook is now available to read on

in that there London

Click me please!!!


Whatever you do

don’t get your knickers in a twist.

Pete Burns




Rik V

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Kicking My Mother in the Head on Cold Coffee Stand!


I am pleased to announce that a fiction of mine, entitled,

Kicking My Mother In The Head


is now available to read on

Cold Coffee Stand!

Previously published in U.S. print Lit Mag The Cantabrigian based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

More about Cold Coffee Stand here –

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Rik V

“Arseways by Camillus John” written by Camillus John now available to read on The Scum Gentry alternative arts forum

Reggae 1

Above: Reggae Fairy (2016)

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Some people have really shitty Christmases and a long, long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, so did I.  In light of this tinsel-less fact, here’s a metaficion of mine in which I stick three heads up my own fictional arse. Contains a seasonal sprinkling of sprouts.

Image result for sprouts

As Shakin’ Stevens would say – ‘Merry Christmas – everyone.’


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Triptych Now Available to Read in Lifeblood – Anthology of shortlisted stories in ITT’s Short Story Competition 2017!

My story entitled


(which is dedicated to Vincent Browne on his recent retirement)

is available to read at the following link

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Rik V

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The Cakeland Republic now available to read in issue 8 of North West Words!

Cake Black Forest

Read my story,

The Cakeland Republic,

available now in issue 8, Autumn / Winter,

of North West Words

based up there in Donegal!…/

Cake - Chelsea Bun

Not suitable for people on a diet – there will be cake! 🙂

This story kills cake-ists.


Free the cakes!

Free Free Free Free Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rice Crispy Bunny!

Rik V

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The Wardrobe and the Pillow now available to read on Here Comes Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that a story of mine


The Wardrobe and the Pillow

is now available to read on  Here Comes Everyone!

A site based in Coventry in that there Eng-Ger-Land

Brutal Fiction

Just Clickety-click the following link –

Coventry is the home of 2-Tone. Which gives me an excuse to play a track by The Specials. Not that I need an excuse, mind.

“I want all you skinheads to get up on your feet
Put your braces together and your boots on your feet
And give me some of that old moonstomping

Skanking it easy, Skanking it good.”


Rik V

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