Irish People’s Poetry Prize Winner 2015 – drums, bums and cherries

The Irish People’s Poetry Prize winner is

Sarah Clancy.


paco 1

With a tinselled cherry on top

tinselcherry 2

and a tinselled cherry on bottom too.

tinselcherry 2

non hairy arse

Bishop Brennan

Check out her winning poem –

And Yet We Must Live In These Times

– right here –

You want the truth?


Then read this poem.

But are you sure you can handle the truth?


Some people can’t you know.

Noonan eye

fingers pb

big eyed baby

flour 2

toilet 2

Whereas others can –


Pats win cup

The whole truth

and nothing but the truth

like St Pats

FAI Cup Winners 2014.

cat smile

Hats off to Sarah Clancy!

from Janey Macken Street.

hats off

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