New Cure for Impotence – Fruity Earplugs


A new study has revealed that too much noise

in modern cities is bad for you.


The only way to beat it is

with the Fiver Shop’s new

Fruity Earplugs.

fruity plugs

A Fiver Each.



Stick a plug in each ear

and remove all noise instantly.

slum landlords

Each plug secretes a nice flavour

when in the ear,

so that you can lick it clean whenever

you remove it from you aural passages,


thus making all your earwax

fully sustainable.



Fruity Earplugs come in three flavours –


The Banana Plug


The Plum Plug


and the Pear Plug.

Stick ’em all in your ears!

And all guaranteed to play John Cage’s

4’33” on a loop

until fully satisfied.

cat smile

You know it makes sense.

Del boy

Don’t you?


I’ll take that as a yes.


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