Blow your brains out with the People’s Poetry Prize 2015

If you like good poetry

Ginsberg flower

vibrant and completely relevant


check out

The People’s Poetry Prize 2015


Right here –

It will blow your brains out and

smear them all over your four living room walls.

red brains

Apparently, they’ve done all the tests,

poked each and every one of the 12 nominees

with a sharpened stick,


and they can say now with 99.999 per cent


that unlike other poetry competitions doing the rounds



all poets nominated for this prize

haven’t yet died.

slum landlords

They are still with us.

eyes popping

 So if you want a bit of meaning in your life,

I’d advise you to listen to all 12 nominations now.

Right here –

Or else I’m getting Rick with a silent P on your case –

Rik angry


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