Paco’s Poem on Tuesday – Hello From The Moon.

Paco’s Poem on Tuesday


Title: Hello From The Moon.


St Patrick’s Athletic 2 Dundalk 0.

 Yes -we’re top of the league.

We scored two goals

a big number 2.

Something solid to build on.


I jumped over the moon at full time and the only

ouch this week was when I hit my head on

M1 in Cancer, the crab nebula – making those

neutron stars spin even faster at its centre.


The Pats fans unfurled a banner before the match

which read –

Come Out and Play –

a reference to The Offspring’s

punk song from 1994 entitled

Come Out and Play (Keep ‘em Separated) –

It did what it said on the tin:

Three points separate the two teams.


Five games left.

More turbulence to come  for sure –

our first title since 1999?

In my first season as a Pat’s fan?

I’m afraid to even dream.


I can’t stop now.

Only poetry can help make it all

come true.

Until next week

Toodle ooh.


(Written by Paco aged seven and a half on  20th September 2012 standing on the moon, looking down on Richmond Park and singing When the Saints Go Marching In quite loudly, scarf in the air).


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