Mind-licking Monday:Head Eyes are only for Girls!


The Daily prompt was –

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

Mind Licking Monday: Head Eyes are only for Girls! 

Hi, I’m Lenny, the dog that can lick your mind out.


The sense that I wouldn’t mind losing is my sight. I’ll plop both my eyeballs out of my head right here and now and give them to you if you want, for I don’t need them at all at all. Plop! Plop!

Sure head eyes are only for girls these days. Tongue eyes are much, much cooler.

You see, my big hairy mind-licking tongue IS my eyes.

It can see anything.

It’s longer than a geography teacher with a tall hat on – and it’s the equivalent of one hundred eyes in my opinion. It has to be – as a matter of life or death!

A story will illuminate. Flash!

Earlier today a friend of mine, Nice-Guy-Gerald, was very down in the dumps because he couldn’t stop thinking about his sad Da who hasn’t got a job anymore due to the big swinging Irish recession at the moment.

So I rammed my tongue up his nostrils and it landed in his mind. The one hundred eyes in my tongue had to have a look around by feeling and slobbering into his every mind crevice and cranny to see which thought was which, so that I licked out the correct one into the real world, where I was then able to kick up the arse like Bishop Brennan and chase  away, never to return. Ever again. Ever. No mess.

You see I have to pick out the bad thoughts and leave the nice ones with my tongue eyes. Otherwise I could lick out all his nice memories and bright ideas and leave Nice-Guy-Gerald with only his dark ones, which would all collapse in on themselves like a black-hole – and Nice-Guy-Gerald would disappear with a ping sort of a sound I reckon.

So, as you can plainly see, I can’t lose my sense of taste – for it’s got all my eyes!

But as I said before, you can have my head-eyes if you want right now! Plop! Plop!

eyes popping

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