Superman Espresso: Squeezing honey from your left Armpit.

The Daily prompt was –

Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

Book: Captain Beefheart, The Biography by Mick Barnes. Pages 35, top of page, ten words: UP.

First Google Image for Up.


Superman Espresso

There is a great café, UP, UP, UP AND AWAY!,  in Ontario, Canada overlooking Niagara Falls. The Espressos are superb. Superman and his new bride were honeymooning in the region and having a mid-afternoon lunch.

On this particular day, Superman was wearing a white wedding dress that sparkled with   magnificent joie de vivre.

wedding dress


With a deft touch of superhero chic, he accessorized by wearing a pair of faintly red underpants over the dress.

red panties


As he sipped the last vestiges of his Espresso and gazed nonchalantly at the fast flowing waterfall to his left, a thought occurred to him; this truly was one of the best days of his life. And it was only just beginning.

Breaking this epiphany, a white-tuxedoed waiter bowed before him and produced a highly polished spoon that he pointed in his direction. Upon the spoon stood a small real-live pink flamingo with the bill for lunch gripped in her long slender beak.

pink flamingo


Superman smiled and beamed  –

“My honeybunny will pay for this, won’t you darling?”


His bride was a honey bee with the most dazzling personality and beauty.


“It really should be me stinging you, for the bill darling. However, it’s been such a king and queen of a day!”


She squeezed an appropriate amount of honey from her left armpit, onto the spoon.


The waiter, with the pink flamingo now resting on his left arm, thanked her gracefully, and with a swish, disappeared to the cash register leaving bliss incarnate behind him.

Sweet honey

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