The Flying Superhero Clothes Horse Himself: Horsetrepreneur, Howie B.

Howie B

The Daily Post’s prompt was –

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

My ‘favourite’ toy was Howie B, The Flying Superhero Clothes Horse himself (see picture above) and the connection he has with my life now is that he runs my Janey Macken Street blog whether I like it or not ———&^&^& –

Howie here -that’s quite enough of that  and your snobby inverted commas. ‘Favourite’ ??? Is that supposed to be funny?


Hello world! Welcome to Janey Macken Street. I’m Howie B; The Flying Superhero Clothes Horse himself!

Flying? Well, I’ve strapped a coat-hanger on to my back. Haven’t I? Wings. So there. I’ll be your blogger for today’s post whether he likes it or not. The cheek!

I’m a successful horsetrepreneur and run my own Fiver Shop on the Californian Hills – just up the road from Janey Macken Street actually – with my business partner, housemate and intrepid reporter, Pedro Polar.

Pedro Polar

Everything a Fiver! Drop in anytime, you’ll be always welcome.

Available now or coming soon on Janey Macken Street –

  • Mind-licking Monday.
  • Paco’s Poem on Tuesday.
  • Willie Wednesday.
  • Toni Thursday.
  • Finger Friday.
  • Pablo’s load of Jackson Pollacks Saturday.

Tune in – you know it makes horse-sense!

To end, here’s another nice picture of me. A close up.

Howie 1


Howie B.


See what I have to put up with folks? I tells ya.

10 thoughts on “The Flying Superhero Clothes Horse Himself: Horsetrepreneur, Howie B.

  1. Hi Howie B….

    What’s with the B?

    By the way,I ordered 3 crates of FCM from you last week for Culture Night … what is happening with P&H Catering/Deliveries?

    Too much time horse-pontificating and not enough out on your horse and trap:)?

    Giddy up, saddle her now … only 2 days to go!!


    1. The B? I’m not the first Howie. The first Howie was a one-eyed pirate cat who died a few years ago. He was the A. I’ve been re-incarnated from him. Or so Pedro told me. the Fiver shop deliveries always get there on time. don’t fret! You know it makes horse-sense!

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