Mind-Licking Monday. The only way to start the week – with Lenny’s tongue.

Today on Janey Macken Street it’s mind licking Monday.

My name is Two-Coffee-Rings-On-White-Notepaper and last week my family went hungry.

I’d lost my job ages ago but I wouldn’t help myself by robbing a few Blackrock mansions to feed my family.

I was afraid to even think about it.

That’s until Lenny came along.


He may be a small Jack-Russell dog, but he has a long, hairy mind-licking tongue in his mouth.

He licked out my mind by ramming his hairy tongue up my nose, reaching my mind, grabbing what was there and yanking it out into the real world.

I last saw my fear of robbing Blackrock mansions running towards the Phoenix Park and disappearing forever over the hills and far, far away.

As I speak,  I’ve already robbed food from four Blackrock mansions – all  owned by bankers.

I left a flower of peace  afterwards on their dining table.

Life if great. My family are doing well and glistening as a result.

Opportunity LIcks! 

If you want to rob food from Blackrock mansions or anything else but are just a bit too afraid, then get Lenny to lick your mind right out of your head by contacting Howie in the Fiver Shop forthwith who will negotiate access to his mind-licking tongue. Usual terms and conditions apply. i.e. it’ll cost you a fiver.

See you next time on MIND-LICKING MONDAY!

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